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Preventing Negativity in the IT Support Culture

It can be easy to become jaded as an IT support professional. It starts by finding yourself in a negative headspace - particularly on "those" days when stress levels are already be running high. You know what I mean. Your (hopefully) inner voice responds to support requests with gems like "what's he doing now?", or "Seriously? Again?". We've all been there. We all know some users that, upon the bits and bytes of their email cramming themselves into our already over-bloated mailboxes, cause an instant rise of internal temperature... This, in most cases, is a natural and understandable response. It's certainly the easiest response. It should be obvious, though, that it is not only entirely unacceptable in a professional work environment, but utterly destructive to the organization. Why is this so important? Because negativity spreads like a contagion. This is especially so when it originates in departmental (and organizational) leadership wher