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"Friendly" Dynamics NAV SOAP Services Configuration & SPNs

As I've mentioned, I make it a practice to secure as many services as possible using SSL over HTTPS and, whenever possible, I'll use friendly URLs to make it easy for support staff and users to find and remember those services. This article looks at configuring multiple SOAP services on the same Dynamics NAV 2018 application server, where I've got multiple tiers used for their respective third party applications (such as Jet Professional or other ISV products), and how service principal names (SPNs) play a vital role in properly configuring a SOAP service using SSL and a friendly domain name. It does this by following the configuration of a Dynamics NAV SOAP service on a tier dedicated to a WMS ISV integration. A little background info... Configuring the NAV service account properly in the first place is a prerequisite for this article. An article from Microsoft, Provisioning the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server Account , provides an excell